What Men Need – A Guide to What Men Truly Need from You


  • How men feel the most loved
  • What makes him happy
  • How to speak his love language
  • How to be a better wife
  • The one thing he wishes you knew
Men aren’t exactly transparent about their need and wants — you have to sometimes dig a little deeper to figure out who they are, and how you can be there for them and love them the way that they need to be loved. Men have many needs, surprisingly so, that require attention. Find out exactly what men need. #marriage #love #relationships #couples #advice #tips #forher #forhim #themes #quotes #goals #husband #wife #forwomen #formen

Their deepest fear and biggest hope.

Did you know that one of your husbands deepest desires is to be your hero?


Did you also know that most men — when they walk out the door to go to work, in their deepest of fears — hope that no one will ever find out what a failure they are?

Go ahead, ask your husband. What is their most significant desire, and what is their greatest fear? You will gain a lot of awareness with those two questions, even if it’s not exactly that.

I have learned in my eight years of marriage, that I have a lot of influence on how my husband feels about himself.Report this ad

I will admit, my past lack of understanding about men and how they think has left me at a disadvantage in a lot of ways. The longer I’m married, discovering the mysteries of who my husband is and the more intel I draw from our experiences together, the more I realize just how little I knew about him when we were first married.

You can have knowledge of something all you want, but application is where it gets difficult. In all honesty, most of this guidance is unfortunately given on behalf of my failures. I hope you can learn from my mistakes!

If you are currently having a difficult time in your marriage, but want it to get better, then try these tips for a week, at least, and see if things don’t start to take a turn for the better.

Whether you are struggling in your marriage, or it’s as right as rain, I hope these guidances can beckon a new experience for you both. It’s always good to invest in your marriage, and investing means getting to know your partner better, and realizing that perfection will never be accomplished. If we are expecting perfection from anything in our lives, we will most likely be setting ourselves up for a huge disappointment.

These tips will not be helpful if you are going through any kind of emotional, physical or mental abuse. Please seek immediate help if that is the case.OTHER POSTS THAT MIGHT INTEREST YOU5 WAYS TO HELP YOUR YOUNG BOY THRIVE IN SCHOOLMar 15, 2019 36 RELATIONSHIP GOALS AND HABITS FOR A HEALTHY MARRIAGEMar 14, 2019 WHAT HEALTHY SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP LOOKS LIKE IN MARRIAGE – HINT: IT’S NOT A POWER TRIPMar 11, 2019 7 ELEMENTS OF A STRONG AND HEALTHY MARRIAGEMar 9, 2019Report this ad

What do men need that they don’t communicate themselves?


Without recognizing it, we have a tendency to let our spouses know when they are doing something wrong, but neglect to acknowledge when they do something right. If this is a habit of yours, over time they might just give up trying to please you, thinking that you can never be satisfied — in their minds, they have done everything possible.

It’s important for you to examine your actions in this. I know for some of you, you can’t think of a single thing your husband does right. If that’s the case, the first thing you should do is dig deep and figure out if those unmet expectations are a result of you having too high of standards, or if it is in fact that they are really never succeeding.

Many times, we get so caught up in what isn’t going right, instead of what IS going right. Not only will recognizing the good in your life turn your thoughts from negative to positive, it will cause you to see our husband in a different light — your contentment will galvanize your happiness.

It’s a popular notion that relationships should be about your personal happiness and expectations being met. But what if our expectations can never be met? What if we are causing our own unhappiness by setting unrealistic expectations and standards for others, and when they aren’t met, we are devastated?

Whether your husband wants to admit it or not, he wants your approval; he needs your approval.

Young boys seek approval and admiration from their parents, especially their father. Now that the little boy your husband once was is an adult, he still needs approval for his efforts from someone close to him — someone he cares about — you.

When your husband knows he is succeeding in providing and caring for his family financially and emotionally, his sense of accomplishment can drive his happiness. You have a lot of power in enabling to see himself as successful — you have a lot of power in how your husband sees himself in general.

I find it a shame when marriages are provoked by continual criticism instead of admiration. If you can be the first one in your relationship to make an environmental shift from criticism to approval, you will change your marriage for the better.

Begin to look for the little things your husband does that you appreciate. Thank him and tell him you’re proud of him — it is one of the most important things you can do for your husband — just as important as your need to be told you’re beautiful and worthy of his love.

Once your husband knows he is meeting your approval, he will be motivated, not discouraged by continual failure. He will feel as though you’re proud of him.

It’s very important to remember here that your husband is not perfect — neither are you. When you begin to invite grace into your relationship, you can from stop treating one another as the enemy. Check out the one phrase that can turn a fight into a resolution.


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