Some remember every detail of the evening spent together- the restaurant where the dinner took place, the smell of the flowers, the taste of the desert … And some cannot even remember the topic of the conversation and only remember that their palms were sweating because of nervousness! But one thing is remembered by everyone: a kiss.

Kisses can be different: friendly, kissing at a meeting, passionate, exciting, tender. The main thing is that they all give pleasure. The hormones of pleasure – endorphins are secreted during a kiss. With the help of a kiss, you can inflame a passion and you can show a tender affection.


Kisses bring pleasure and can cause desire and passion. Kissing is an exciting sexual game. Do you know everything about the rules and secrets of a good kiss? Today we will reveal the secrets that will help make the kiss unforgettable.

1. A kiss should be true

Kiss is the evidence of your desire and affection. If you kiss someone because you have to or because something forces you to act in such way, stop doing this immediately. Your partner will feel your attitude and this is not a pretty situation to be in.You Might Also Like

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2. You need a permission

Most people believe that asking for permission to kiss a girl will only spoil the moment. In my honest opinion, such a gesture shows your respect and gives you an opportunity to understand if your partner is on the same wavelength.

3. Setting the scene

As you know, setting requires two main conditions: time and place. Choosing them properly will make your kiss incredible. If you’ve caught a cold or you have had an argument, this is definitely not the right moment to kiss your beloved one.

4. Basic Manners

Just imagine that you want to kiss the most beautiful girl in the world, you are really close to her lips and now you realize that she ate some Mexican food before. What could be more wonderful and romantic than the stinky smell of garlic and onion?

5. Use balm properly

Do you know that according to statistics, a woman can eat up to 3 kg of lipstick during her lifetime? The same thing happens to your boyfriend when he kisses you. I know how important your makeup is to you but try to use a neutral balm when you are with your better half.


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