Loneliness Can Push You Into the Wrong Soulmate


Being single can be very difficult at times. You might begin to notice other couples more, and become jealous and sad that you can’t seem to find that one person to be happy with.


Often times, these negative emotions can get so bad that they begin to cloud your judgement, making you enter a relationship that you’d actually prefer not to be in. While it might hurt to say, many people enter relationships purely out of desperation.

Unable to find anyone that they can truly connect and be happy with, some just latch on to the first takers that they find. Sometimes, the first takers end up being great and the relationship works out, but typically, this isn’t the case.

Most relationships formed out of desperation might seem pretty good at first, but many issues will quickly shine through. You might realize that you both have wildly different interests or long term goals, which makes it difficult to even get further than the first few months.

Even then, throughout the duration of this relationship, you’ll both be unhappy to an extent. If you’re not fully committed to the person you’re starting a relationship with, it’s harmful for both of you.

While the relationship goes on, either you or your partner could’ve missed out on finding your true soulmate in that time period. Additionally, it’s just disingenuous of you to go into a relationship if you don’t really plan on it going anywhere, because the other person involved may have thought they truly had something with you.

Don’t be afraid of being single just a little while longer while you devote more time to finding your soulmate. It’s truly worth doing in the long run, because you’ll have more wholesome and real relationships along the way, even if they don’t all end up perfect.

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As difficult as it may be, you can’t just lower your standards because you’re lonely. This will only introduce you to bad relationship experiences, and make you unable to connect as well with your true soulmate later down the line.

You have to evaluate everyone you start a relationship with as if you’d be willing to call them your soulmate and spend the rest of your life with them. If that person doesn’t pass this test, it’s a safe assumption that you can move past them and keep looking for that one true soulmate.


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