Learning The Basic Exercises For Your Ab


Six-pack abs is a dream of every individual, but obtaining them is very difficult. The best way to obtain six pack abs is to create a balance between your exercises and diet plans. Perfect diet can actually help you to obtain six pack abs in very less time period. Ab Exercises also help in reducing belly fats. Following are some of the highly effective abdominal exercises:


Reverse Curls Exercise

One of the most effective ab exercises is reverse curls where you have to tie your ankles and lie on floor flat on your back. After this bend both knees, lift the feet and torso just a bit. When legs are parallel to floor, stay in this position for some time and then slowly move back from where you started.

Side Bends

If you want to lose waist fat then side bends is a good exercise for you. To perform this exercise, you have to stand while your feet have a shoulder wide gap. Pick up a light dumbbell, stand straight and place the other hand on the back of waist. Lower the dumb bell slowly to knee level, by performing this exercise you will feel a pull in abdominal section. When you feel the pull, you have to stop for a while and then continue to go back to starting position.

Ball Crunch Exercise

Stability Ball Crunch is performed when you lie down flat over a stability ball. Pick up light dumbbell and make sure that your neck is not in contact with them. Your body should be parallel to ground, crunch up from this position. At one point you will feel a pull sensation in your middle part of the body. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then resume again.

Side Crunches

You can also perform side crunches if you find light medicine balls. Firstly, lie down and bend your knees. Your feet must be flat on floor. Hold medicine ball and move it side to side so the muscles are engaged.

These Ab exercises have been very effective for people who have tried loosing belly fat.


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