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Baking soda, also known as bread soda, is in fact unsaturated sodium with carbonic acid. It is obtained artificially as a result of the chemical reaction between sodium chloride, water, ammonia and carbon dioxide. Sodium bicarbonate has alkaline properties.


In the last few years, baking soda is seen as a panacea – a universal, omnipotent cure, all due to the hypothesis of the Italian oncologist Dr. Tulia Simoncini. According to Simonchi, every disease causes acidosis – the acidity of the organism, and cancer  usually occurs as a result of prolonged acidosis. Consequently, maintaining the alkaline environment in our body, melting tumor cells.

We are obliged to warn you that the Italian doctors’ hypothesis has not been proven and that it is not recommended in any case to decide for yourself to drink baking soda, because this can make you a problem with your stomach.

In addition, baking soda is a chemical product and as such has many side effects. Regular use of baking soda as a means of reducing stomach activity essentially helps the development of microorganisms in the stomach-intestinal tract. The disturbed process of food digestion can lead to the toxicity of unmelted foods and to poor quality utilization of the same.

Extended baking soda intake can cause overdose with sodium. Baking Soda, which is actually sodium, such as sodium chloride (cooking salt), leads to the retention of water and toxins, and hence to increased body weight, increased blood pressure, loss of potassium, magnesium, etc.



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