How I Finally Cleared My Skin –


I have been plagued with bad skin ever since I was a teen (maybe even my pre teens).


I had severe acne, and still get the occasional pimple. Thankfully the didn’t leave scars, but my skin is prone to blackheads, grease, fullness and major pigmentation. I do have some enlarged pores ( not huge).

I spent several thousands at dermatologists and even more on medicines and nothing worked.

As I grew the skin was relatively better, but it was far from skin I’d like to flaunt. I’d always cover it in makeup (not very heavy, but anything that would make it look less bad).

A few changes in my beauty routine and now my pigmentation is under control ( its almost 80% less than last year), pores not pronounced, though I still have some large pores they aren’t as obvious. Breakouts are rare, blockheads still happen, but a lot lesser and nothing that can’t be tackled at home.

I couldn’t get most kinds of facials done because my skin would react. The only facial that suited me was O3+. but now I do not get facials, I’ve tried and given up.

My beauty regimen:

  1. I wash my face with cetaphiland preferably with cold water. Even after showers, I splash my face with cold water (regular cold tap water).
  2. I tone with rose water. No fancy toner for me.
  3. I moisturize with facial oils, Nivea soft creamor Aryan/almond oil depending on the season and how dry my skin feels.
  4. Once a week I use an exfoliating mask – I use the Ordinary Aha 30% + bha 2%.
  5. One a month I apply some cream and steam my face. And then with an extractoror even my fingers I extract blackheads (I get this done professionally once a year). After which I use a pack of fullers earth mixed with water to close the pores.
  6. Every morning before moisturizing I use the zinc and Niacinamide drops from the ordinary.
  7. Every night I use the vitamin c serum from the ordinary.
  8. In summer when my skin is more prone to greasiness and breakouts, I use the mask of magnaniminty by lushonce or twice a week.
  9. I take off all makeup before I hit the bed. I almost always use baby oilto take off makeup.

The difference was visible in the first month, but in about three months, people started noticing and commenting.

Today I wouldn’t mind going makeup free, that’s how much of an improvement I see.

For most of the products I use I spend an average of 30–40 euros a month (as opposed to almost 5–7 times that amount before).

The only big expense is to invest in a facial steamer. But if you can’t go ahead and use a pan to boil water. And use that steam. Do cover yourself and the pot with a towel so the steam doesn’t escape, but be careful not to burn yourself.


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