Find Out What Men Have a Hard Time Communicating in a Relationship


What men truly want and need has always been a mystery to me, until recently. I remember when we were first married, thinking to myself.


How come no one ever told me how hard this is — and how on earth can I make this relationship healthy when all we do is fight?

What is it my husband really wants and needs from me?

The tips and answers supposedly within all those marriage books never prepared me for what it took to make my marriage work. I needed a lifeline. Something to inspire and revive a part of me that was confused with the relationship I found myself in.

Many of you are wondering the same thing, and you think that with knowing what your husband or boyfriend really wants, you can finally fix your relationship.

Well first of all, it’s NOT on you to fix things. But it is on you to know his needs, just like it’s on him to know yours.

Because women are so nurturing, it’s in our nature to want to create positive environments with the people we love. So journey with me to learn from my mistakes, and how I got to know my husband’s heart, what makes him tick, and how you can avoid making him feel like a failure.

Their deepest fear and biggest hope.

Did you know that one of your husbands deepest desires is to be your hero?

My eyes were finally opened to his reality — which was completely different than what I thought. Apart from sexual needs, there are many needs that were surprising to me, including… #marriageadvice #marriage #dating #boyfriend #forher #forhim #forcouples #advice #tips #relationships #goals #quotes #relationshipgoals #articles #relationshipblogs #formen #forwomen #forhusbands #forwives #struggles #marriageproblems #communication #newlyweds

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Did you also know that most men, when they walk out the door to go to work, in their deepest of fears, hope that no one will ever find out what a failure they are?

Go ahead, ask your husband.

What is their most significant desire, and what is their greatest fear? You will gain a lot of awareness with those two questions, even if it’s not exactly that.

I have learned in my almost ten years of marriage, that I have a lot of influence on how my husband feels about himself.

disclaimer – this article is intended for women who want to learn more about men. Here is an article about how men can learn more about what women need. I believe that a relationship between a man and woman is that of equality. That it’s a mutual bond of love and respect for one another, not a one-sided effort.

You can have knowledge of something all you want, but the application is where it gets difficult.

Whether you are struggling in your marriage, or it’s as right as rain, I hope these guidances can beckon a new experience for you both.

It’s always good to invest in your marriage, and investing means getting to know your partner better, and realizing that perfection will never be accomplished. If we are expecting perfection from anything in our lives, we will most likely be setting ourselves up for a huge disappointment.

These tips will not be helpful if you are going through any kind of emotional, physical or mental abuse from your spouse. Please seek immediate help if that is the case.

Guys  aren’t exactly open about their  need and wants  — you have to sometimes dig a little deeper to figure out who they are, and how you can be there for them — and love them the way that they need to be loved. Men have many needs, surprisingly so, that require attention. The top 8 important things that guys need have a lot to do with who men are in general.  How men feel most loved  is not what you would expect it to be, as well as  what makes him happy.  It’s hard for guys to be transparent and honest about their feelings, so I’ve done some research on the matter — drilling my husband.  The best way to know what men want  and need, is to get to know your spouse specifically on a deeper level. How do we do this? Read below to find out.

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