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Last night, while pillow talking with my boyfriend after a hot and steamy lovemaking session, we started analyzing the evolution of our sex life.


Back when we were in school, we had more spontaneous and adventurous sex; we had experimental sex, emotional sex, crazy sex and make-up sex. It was fun and exciting all the way!

Years later, we’ve graduated and we are both working. Sex is no longer like it used to be. With work and all, sex is now an event on the calendar that has to be scheduled.

It is no longer spontaneous like it used to be. Sometimes, we try to spice it up and relive the good old sex we had in school. That was why we bought the kinky little black book of sex positions to help us improve our sex life. It was a total game changer!

I know there are a lot of single and married couples who are going through the same phase. You go to work every morning and get home in the evening, hungry, tired and stressed out. You take a cold shower, eat dinner and curl up in front of the TV or laptop.

An hour later, you jump into bed hoping to have hot steamy sex but your partner is either too tired for that or is fast asleep. The only time you manage to have good sex is on less busy weekends which occur once or twice a month.

Gradually, your sex life becomes boring and predictable; it lacks spontaneity and excitement. Then you start wondering how the hell you got here! It’s not just you, we’ve all been there!

If you’ve lost track of the types of sex you need to be having, I’ve made an awesome list for you. There are 8 types of sex that every couple needs to have to help build their relationship.


#1 Drive Through Sex (a.k.a Maintenance Sex)

This is the kind of sex you have when you are tired after a long hectic day. The “Honey, I’m too tired but you can go ahead and do your thing” kind of sex.

This occurs mostly on week days when the couple is exhausted but still want sex. You have it just to maintain the bond you have with your partner. Eye contact and consciousness is optimal.

#2 Golden Coral Sex (a.k.a Okay Sex)

This is a no-frills sex that usually involves one or two positions with small foreplay, eye contact, kissing and nothing much. Expectations are low for both of you; you don’t expect your lover to surprise you. Orgasms are optimal but pleasantly received. Pillow talk afterwards is unnecessary.

#3 Pizza Sex (a.k.a Good sex)

It usually involves light to medium foreplay; kissing and some oral that doesn’t necessarily lead to orgasms. Two to four sex positions may be experimented.

Moderate pillow talk occurs afterwards. This is a typical Friday night sex that says “Let’s have fun, tomorrow is Saturday.”

#4 Chinese Sex (a.k.a Great Sex)

Don’t know why this is called Chinese but it involves medium foreplay, deep kisses and oral sex which leads to orgasm.

Intercourse usually follows in three to five positions. Moderate pillow talk occurs afterwards and another round of sex ( It’s Chinese… You will get horny again an hour later) Don’t be surprised! Just flow with it! Think connection, release, love and commitment.

#5 Italian Sex (a.k.a Awesome Sex)

Hmmm… Saturday night sex after a romantic date that involves a few drinks, maybe a dance, public displays of affection ( hand holding, heavy kissing and sensual touching in a dark alley) and eventually making out in the car.

When you get home a bit tipsy, tearing your clothes off, sex is on the menu in at least 4 positions.

Maybe even round 2 or 3 using sex toys while romantic blues play in the background. Just imagine hot, steamy and slutty sex. The type that keeps you in bed till 10 am the next day.

#6 Continental Sex (a.k.a Kinky Sex)

Kinky sex involves a lot of noise and energy. This isn’t the kind of sex you have on a week day because it leaves you shivering and completely wasted. It is ” You do me, then I do you, then we do each other together while waking the neighbors” type of sex.

You would need loud music or sound proof walls to mask your loud moans and groans. This is the kind of kinky event where you experiment with costumes, role plays, sex toys, apparatuses e.t.c. Just think “Fifty Shades of Grey” sex.

#7 Four Star Hotel Sex (a.k.a Curl Your Toes Sex)

Not all couples will be willing to try out number 6 and 7. This is classy sex that happens outside the house but not in the car or a dark alley.

It happens in a nice hotel room and it’s totally worth it. Hotel sex is like fine art; it is sensational, elegant, expensive and sometimes planned. 2 or 3 nights of four star hotel sex can go a long way in keeping your relationship fresh.

#8 Spontaneous sex (a.k.a Quickie sex)

It is the “grab each other and go at it” kind of sex. It is a freestyle act that could happen anytime, anywhere; the couch, the kitchen table, the basement floor, the bathroom and any other unusual place you find yourself in the heat of the moment.

Throughout your life, you’re probably going to have a lot of different types of sex. There will be hot, spicy sex, a few regrettable sex positions, experiments that don’t turn out as planned, and all of the good, bad, and ugly in between.

It’s beneficial to have these types of sex once in a while; it helps build your relationship and it keeps you close together for a very long time.

Which type of sex do you like best?


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