5 Yoga Poses That Melt Away Belly Fat!

Yoga is an amazing activity for not only toning up and improving your overall fitness but also for MELTING AWAY UNWANTED BODY FAT!Certain exercises are particularly effective and I’m going to show you what they are!It can be difficult to lose that stubborn belly fat or muffin top so Incorporating the Yoga poses below into your routinewill help you to lose any unwanted belly fat for good, especially when combined with the right foods!OK over to you now, Grab your Yoga mat (I use this one in case you haven’t got one yet :) and give the below Yoga Asanas a go! Get The Free Guide!
10 Great Yoga Poses For Beginners!And Start your Yoga Journey Today!Get your Yoga on! 1) Mountain Pose (Tadasana)The Mountain pose is one of the simplest Yoga poses you can do, but it is great for warming the body up and getting it loose ready for the rest of your routine.The pose itself has many benefits in excess of burning belly fat like improving strength and power in the thigh’s, knees & ankles as well as over time helping to improve your posture.Concentrate on your breathing whilst performing the pose, I find it helps to breathe slowly in through the nose (Count 1,2,3), pause for a moment at the top of the breath and then breath out through the mouth (Count 1,2,3)Hold the pose for 15-20 seconds (30-40 seconds if you’re more advanced) before returning back to the starting position.Repeat the pose 8-10 times. 2) Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)The Standing forward bend is a great pose which will primarily stretch the Hips, hamstrings & calves while helping to strengthen the knees and the thighs.It is also believed that Uttanasana helps to calm down the mind and reduce the symptoms of stress & mild depression.If you are a beginner, it may be helpful to bend your knees slightly whilst performing the pose. This will help you to get a better stretch in the backs of your legs.When performing the pose, Breath slowly and deeply and try to keep your abdominal muscles tensed.Hold the pose for 30-40 seconds before slowly coming back to the starting position.Repeat the pose 6-8 times. 3) Boat Pose (Naukasana)Because the Boat pose directly targets the core region it is believed to be one of the best Yoga poses for melting away stubborn belly fat.The main benefits of the pose are that it helps to strengthen the abs, spine and hip flexors.It is also thought to help relieve the symptoms of stress whilst improving digestion and stimulating various organs including the Kidneys.This is a really tough pose to master and will take some time, so when performing aim to hold initially for around 10-15 seconds, slowly increasing your hold time as and when you feel comfortable to do so.Repeat the pose 5 times with a 20-second rest between poses.A video link is below showing how to do the beginner boat pose.4) Camel Pose (Ushtrasana)The Camel pose is a really good one to do straight after you finish the Boat pose (above)It will enable the Abdominal muscles to stretch out after being previously contracted.The main benefits of the pose are it stretches the entire front of the body, particularly the Abs, Chest, Thighs, and Groin regions.The pose also helps to improve posture whilst helping to strengthen various back muscles.Initially try to hold the pose for 20-30 seconds aiming to keep your breathing as relaxed as possible.5) Cobra PoseThe Cobra pose is an energized back bend which helps to stretch out the abs and strengthen the back muscles whilst increasing the flexibility of the spine.It also helps to tone the butt, abs & shoulders and is thought to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.If you have had any recent Back or wrist surgery or are pregnant please do not attempt this pose.And that’s all for now folks! Give them a try and see how you go… You’ll be melting belly fat away in no time  Thanks for reading this article.If you enjoyed it please ensure you SIGN UP for your FREE BEGINNERS YOGA GUIDE and give me a FOLLOW ON PINTEREST so you don’t miss future posts!

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