15 Things Women Do on the First Date That Drive Men Crazy


Going on a first date is both exciting and a little nerve wracking especially if you want to make sure it turns out to be an enjoyable experience. Both the partners are conscious about how they carry themselves and how best to connect and if they really hit it off then how best to secure a second date.


Naturally one wants to avoid major turn offs like having a bad breath, or holding up the other person for long. However there are other things which may slip past women on their first date which may end up making a man go round the twist.

A woman may not notice it at all but the date would be an absolute disaster for men who would just want it to finish already.

Avoiding the following things is recommended to make an attractive first impression and keeping alive the prospect of seeing each other again.

9. Bringing the topic of marriage in conversation

You both are going on your first date and only want to enjoy each other’s company. Talking about long term relationship and commitment is bound to scare most men away and marriage certainly fits the bill perfectly.

It just makes a woman seem to take things too fast in a relationship which is never comfortable with men. Being realistic, most of the men dating would naturally be afraid of that kind of commitment so if you want to see them again avoid this topic altogether.

8. Bore them with your work detail

You both have never met each other before and are meeting face to face for the first time. We are pretty sure you must have other exciting things to talk about besides your nine to five grueling routine.

Nobody is interested in those boring details unless your occupation is interesting like a dare devil stunt woman. Or maybe you are a good story teller and you have a knack for keeping the other person engaged while you talk just about anything. Obviously while you introduce yourself you will mention your job but keep it to the minimum.

Your date is not there to listen to all the gossip in the office rather they want to know you more as a person.

7. Avoid excessive use of cellphone while out together

We cannot completely avoid the use of electronics in this day and age but at least minimize it while you are on a date with your partner. It is a no brainer that you both want some quality face to face time but if you are dedicating that time to your small screen as well makes you look disinterested.

The other person may end up feeling neglected and rightly so. Men also enjoy attention and if they are denied that on the pretext of being active on social media will not endear them to you.

6. Not sharing the bill with him

Some men are not particularly agreeing to the idea of affording all the expenses while you have some good time together. It is no longer a question about male chauvinism and such concepts are fast becoming old fashioned. Especially it is your first date and you are expected to pitch in. Politely offer to split the bill or at least pay the tip.

5. Not making any effort to keep the conversation going

You both are meeting each other face to face for the first time and there is certain level of insecurity about how you talk and what you will say. However this doesn’t mean to not make any effort to communicate with your partner and just build walls around your person. A guy will understand that you are shy but if all his attempts to make you feel comfortable with him and open up are going in vain, they will surrender.

One of the ways to avoid this awkward silence is by jotting down different topics you could talk about as soon as you see that conversation is dying out. This will help you both feel relaxed and be more comfortable with each other.

4. Talking in baby voices

We are referring to the mock baby voices which involve a lot of cute sounding shrill sounds which is just so much repelling for a man. Please ladies save it for the actual babies and avoid it especially for your first date.

In your head you might be coming off as cute but it may be driving your man up the wall for the sheer cringe it may induce. Keep your voice natural and you will do just fine because men prefer mature sounding women as opposed to the idea of talking to a nanny at day care.

3. Finding faults in everything

It is ok if you strive for perfection but that doesn’t mean to hold everything according to your high standards. Nothing is more displeasing than going out with a person who is constantly finding faults in every small thing they come across. Everybody will like to keep their distance from such a person for the sheer embarrassment it causes them.

2. Not registering his compliments

It is one thing to be shy but it is totally rude to make that an excuse for not returning a compliment. A simple thank you may suffice otherwise you may appear rude and standoffish. It will also make the guy feel uncomfortable since he might perceive your cold shouldering as you not being attracted to him at all.

1. Being overly controlling

Normally a relationship thrives when both the parties are aware of each other’s needs and requirements and stick to their own roles. If anyone will try and dominate the other person and influence the decision-making without taking the other into confidence will obviously drive the other person crazy.


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